About Us

East Chinnock Under Fives was formed around Easter time in 1982, initially serving just 7 children, by a group of mums who felt there was a need for a playgroup within the village.  There was already a successful Toddler Group but nothing which catered for pre-school children.  The group was registered with the Preschool Learning Alliance and ran with their Constitution by a Committe of Parents, much the same as it is now.
The Parents who wanted to set up the preschool asked the Church for a building in which to run and they offered the Church Room on Weston Street which we still occupy to this day.  At that time the building was unused and in a poor state and was offered on the basis that the parents repaired and decorated it to be fit to occupy, and this they agreed to.
The building was in a good location being on the recreation ground and the group make very good use of this outside space today - Ofsted require us to provide many outdoor opportunities - and this is all the more important in our changing world, when it is increasingly difficult for parents to  provide free access to the outdoor environment for their children.
Numbers of children grew rapidly and by the September of 1982 there were 12 attending. 
The group subsequently raised money to build a small toy store at the back of the building and toilets at the front, thereby offering much better facilities for children and staff alike, as previously portaloos had been used behind a curtain - oh how times have changed!
The group also registered as a Charity and were subject to inspections by Social Services which registered the group to take up to 18 children at any one time.  These inspections have now been taken over by Ofsted who oversee the safety, welfare and education of children under school age in setting such as East Chinnock Under Fives.
Initially opening only 3 mornings each week, parents also used the preschool at East Coker to enable their children to attend more sessions and thereby forged a relationship which exists to this day.  Children made friends with those attending East Coker Preschool and went on to primary school together at East Coker.  There was no school in East Chinnock so the children travelled by bus to East Coker Primary School.  Now of course there are no "catchment" areas and children attending access schools all over Yeovil as well at East and West Coker Schools.